Olympic Day

Final Event

All project partners organized this final event with the whole school and the local community to promote the importance of Sport and encourage healthy and active lifestyles.

The aim was not only to encourage students and teachers to have fun and enjoy being active: for schools, it was also an opportunity to highlight the education themes of Olympism which are the “joy of effort”, “fair play”, “respect for others”, “pursuit of excellence” and “balance between body, will and mind”. Olympic Day encouraged students to demonstrate these themes through participation in physical activities.

Within the Olympic Day, each partner organized a conference for the presentation of “The Olympic Spirit at School: Practical Guide for Secondary School Teachers” produced during the project. A day, therefore, aimed not only at students, teachers, school leaders but also at youth workers, educators, coaches and sports instructors.

The events were based on five pillars: Move, Learn, Discover, Invite and Share.

Move. It can refer to all sorts of physical activities for people of all ages and abilities from Olympic Day Fun-Runs to individual and team sports;

Learn. Olympic Day is a great opportunity to learn about the Olympic values and look at the contribution of sport to global social issues that can affect our community. Being a responsible citizen is also part of the Olympic philosophy.

Discover. This pillar is about people trying new sports and activities that they have never done before. 

Invite. A local Olympian or sports Star will be invited to our Olympic Day. 

Share. Olympic Day is a great way to share our ideas and celebrate within our school community but also beyond.