Our Project

By promoting a philosophy of life based on the values of excellence, respect and friendship, this project seeks to show that sport can help to build a better personality at the service of a better world.  Olympism is founded on these three core values to which others can be added such as determination, courage, perseverance, resilience. 

The INSPIRE project wishes to reach the main combined results “to implement core values in students’  lives”, “to support teachers’ work in bringing out a well-defined and responsible personality of the students”, “to stimulate the learning action”, “to promote positive behavior and build healthy relationships between young people and their community”.

The implementation of the project has been built around the realisation of 4 core Activities:

  1. Creation of the Olympism at School: a Practical Guide for Secondary School Teachers
  2. Implementation of the Olympism at School programme, Pilot activities with secondary schools students
  3. Organisation of three Short Term Mobility for Students
  4. Organisation of the Olympic Day, National Sport Events in each partner country

Our target groups are Secondary School Students and Teachers, Youth Workers, Educators, Trainers who use Sport as Educational Tool.