Short Term Mobility for Students

Within INSPIRE project three exchanges of groups of students have been organised and have been addressed both to teachers and students.

During them, teachers have played not only an active role in organising activities for participating students but they have also had training opportunities through meetings with experts and professionals in the use of sport as Educational tool.

The teachers directly involved experimented the practice of a new way of teaching by incorporating the values and characteristics of sport into the school environment – eg teamwork, rules, respect and leadership.

The students directly involved had more opportunities for peer comparison and for acquiring new transversal skills.

The activities proposed during the mobility have been also used as a basis for implementing a program incorporating shared values among schools including tolerance and understanding, sportsmanship, inclusion and trust, honesty, being ethical, responsibility, care, social justice and freedom.

Specific topics were covered in each of the three mobilities.

– The First LTTA  was held in Lousada, Portugal. Students discovered the Olympic identity starting from the origin of the Olympic Games through some of its main symbols: the five rings, the truce, the flame.

During the five days, the mornings were dedicated to the project activities. In the afternoons, students and accompanying persons were involved in sports and physical activities in local sports clubs: a funny way for playing tennis, football and  “tasting” hockey!

– The Second LTTA was held in Campina, Romania. Students continued their journey of discovery the Olympism  by reflecting on the importance of rules, in Sport and in Life.

During the five days, students were involved in workshops, sports and physical activities. They explored the beauties of Romania and enjoyed the company of their peers from other European countries. How special is to meet different cultures!

– Students from the five partners schools gathered in Naples for the Third LTTA where they completed their journey around Olympism by interpreting the World through the Olympic symbols and ceremonies. 

Also during these five days, students were involved in workshops linked to project topics. They visited Naples and its characteristics sites and practised sports activities in local Sports Clubs: volleyball, basketball, athletics, football and rugby … what an amazing week they had!