Olympism at School

a Practical Guide for Secondary School Teachers

There is a need to experiment new strategies and tools in the school context (especially for SDG, most at risk of early school leaving) and also teachers wish to live new motivational experiences. It is therefore important to increase participation and involvement of students and adopt methods for favouring a positive image of oneself and valorising different cognitive styles.

It is for this that through this project we aim to provide space for teachers and students with diverse religions, socio-economic backgrounds, languages, habits so as to contribute to a positive exchange and to stimulate a mutual knowledge oriented and finalised to a reflection on the common European citizenship. 

The “Olympism at School” Guide, designed for learners from 10 to 14 years, will be an extensive educational resource packed with ideas, stories and activities that can teach values and inspire youth. 

It aims to provide an approach through which learning process can be complemented with sport and physical activities: it will be written by teachers in collaboration with youth workers/trainers and will be especially addressed to all teachers open to integrate a non-formal education approach in their school activities.

The guide also provides several exercises that can be used in non-formal education as well as in sport groups. The exercises will be described step-by step so that any educational practitioners can facilitate them within their groups and even if they are designed for groups of students aged between 10 and 15, they will also be adapted to younger or older students.